This is a graphical user interface for the configuration file for the SweetFX Shader injector.

This is how it looks (v1.3.1):



  1. Thanks for the SFX Configurator, LOVE it, but I need to run it as Adminstrator for several of my games….BUT….using W’7 and it does not offer me that choice….PLEASE tell me HOW I can get it allow me to RUN as Admin…..THANK YOU, michael

  2. Hello. Developer(s?)

    there is a Chinese kid in Australia posted on Chinese Reddit, says “I am making a Graphic improvement Mod for Battlefield” and releasing “His Mod” to people.

    But I know he just configure some number it suppose can be configure, but he says “its my Mod.”

    it that against the User Agreement?

  3. Hello;

    First I would just like to say that this is an outstanding program,my question is,I’m currently using an ATI video card,and was thinking about upgrading to an NVIDIA card,with more memory,will this program work with the NVIDIA card.

    Thank you;


  4. I’m having severe issues with sweetFX and Grid 2. the game is now unplayable. It crashes on launch and RTD with a weird graphics glitch, i have to change my desktop resolution to get rid of this glitch.

    I’ve tried:

    Removing the game from sweetFX (removing the FX)
    Removing all sweetFX configs from the game’s DIR
    Totally removing Sweet FX (add/remove programs)
    Un/Reinstalled the game (steam)
    Removed all related directories under %appdata% and my documents

    Still nothing, all other games are fine but this one. i haven’t been able to launch it since i applied your FX…

    Please help

  5. Will this get me banned if i use it in vac enabled games? thanks. and thanks for this program it is really really good

  6. Hi there,

    thank you for great tool! I have one question. In the configurator one can read that the luma sharper has still problems with antialiasing and that is exactly what I see in my game. Do you have any news about this?


  7. I can’t get yolomouse to work if I use sweetfx. Is there a way to get this working? If i remove SFX then yolo will work again. Really hate how small the cursor in GW2 is. Love the game but the they not only have a small cursor but it’s color is almost same as the environment. Now I’m sitting here trying to decide SFX or Yolomouse, which to use. Gah my first world problems

  8. When I try the configurator with Spider-Man 3 or Spider-Man Web of Shadows, no luck. Deleting dxgi and d3d9 fix it, but can’t tell a difference with scroll lock. I install the Sweetfx (tried 1.3 and 1.5) but the games won’t start until I remove Sweetfx.

    Nvidia 1080 with an i7-6700k@4.4Ghz, so I know it should work. Please help! Thank you!

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