SweetFX Configurator v1.3.3 released


  • More flexible SweetFX install / game launch settings
  • Option to import or export presets under “Save / Load configuration” – You can also just drag’n’drop preset text files to the list to import them.
  • Now has an icon!


This release is just a small update to hopefully make the configurator handle games needing split install a bit better, and also add support for SweetFX presets..

Right now the configurator use an internal format to save different configurations for a game. I’m not sure if I should continue with that, or convert completely over to SweetFX’s own preset system. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For now I just added some simple import / export logic to it, so they at least can talk together :)



  1. I’ve been trying to get this to work with the MMO firefall and no luck, is it simply incompatible or am I doing something wrong? It just crashes whether I use the launcher/patcher or directly start up the game.

    • I added a simple Troubleshooting page to the site, link on top. It list the most common problems, and solutions / workarounds. Does any of those tips help?

      • This is what the log file said after I tried to run it through the configurator:
        full path: C:\Firefall\system\bin\
        redirecting CreateDevice
        initialising shader environment
        D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed
        try to use “C:\Firefall” for shader files

        Didn’t see where I could set the path(?) for the shader files. I will try a split install to see if that works.

        • Yes, the “split install” option should help with that. Try this:
          Choose the bin folder as the split install path, and the Firefall folder for the SweetFX install part. See if that works

          • Just saw your post now, I tried that and I have the same issues as the post below. None of the effects appear to be applied in-game but pressing pause and the screenshot button appear to work.

            I’ll try to do the split install the way you mentioned on a clean folder, backed up my firefall directory this time.

      • So I did a split install and the game seems to be working fine now launching through the configurator but I’m not seeing any difference in game, so I must have done something wrong. I enabled split screen but it’s not showing up in game, I took a screenshot and that DID work so it’s kind of working?

        When I press scroll lock nothing is changing. Pressing pause does seem to reload the files, just looks like there is nothing actually being applied to the game.

        All the log file says is:
        full path: C:\Firefall\system\bin\
        redirecting CreateDevice
        initialising shader environment
        initialising shader environment
        (probably initialising twice because I pressed pause)

        I followed this post’s instructions: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?p=4490468#post4490468 except obviously put it in my appropriate firefall directory locations.

        Sorry for all these issues, I don’t know why I can’t get it working with firefall, I’ve used it perfectly fine with other games in the past.

        • You’re on the right track, at least. See if there is any antialiasing that can be turned off in the game’s graphics settings. Also, try turning on a filter that is guaranteed to be noticeable, like for example Vignette or a high Vibrance setting. So you’re sure it’s not that the differences are too subtle to notice on your screen.

          • Yeah nothing from vignette and sepia. Also turned off FXAA and can’t see anything being applied in-game.

          • Okay, I did a split install on a clean firefall directory with the paths you said and it’s working perfectly. Thanks so much for all the help with it, I really appreciate it.

  2. Can you please make a new one for 1.4? Or maybe you are waiting for CeeJay to finish his new injector, which is suppose to be better than SweetFX?

  3. I have a hard-time with mod directory and injector settings. This Mod is quite literally a 5 step process of sheer awesomeness. I can’t give you all the credit because SweetFX does all the hard labor. But you took something that was time consuming and quite frankly confusing as hell. And gave me the simple and easy short cut. Thank you once again.

  4. Hi,

    Not a really big problem. But I realize if you uninstall the game before removing it from the Configurator list, the program stop working or crashed.

    Well, just removing the entries of the game in the configuration.ini lets the program return back to normal, but I thought I should at least report it here.

    Hope I didn’t repeat a similar issue.

    Anyway, Thanks for the program.

  5. The configurator will not work if I add some games to it, it will simply not launch till I rename the configurator.ini file, I would like to play with some games settings and that would be really helpful

    • I found a fix for the problem!

      I had like 44 games in my Configurator.ini, the problem was, I play League of legends, and every patch it gets, the folder where the executable resides in, changes (it gets renamed because SweetFX still works), but when loading the Configurator, it seems is unable to find the folder if it had changed, so it finishes without any kind of error.

      This happened to cross my mind as there are a lot of utilities which suffer from the very same problem (like RadeonPro when I was using AMD GPUs, or logitech Gaming software).

  6. When i try to lunch the game using the Configurator the game crashes i tried almost all tips from the troubleshoot page but nothing worked this is what the log file contains.
    P.S: The game doesn’t have a bin folder and i don’t think it is on unreal engine.

    redirecting CreateDevice
    initialising shader environment
    D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed
    try to use “E:\Games\METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE\GameData” for shader files

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