SweetFX Configurator 1.3.2 released


  • New “Game Settings” window
  • Launcher function now support:
    • Command line args
    • Different working directory
  • Experimental support for Split SweetFX installation, where the injector files are put in a subdirectory. Can be enabled via Game Settings window. Note : Will only work if enabled before adding SweetFX to the game
  • Program now use a new way to save settings and game entries. Old entries should be automatically converted on first startup.
  • Rename game entry function moved to the Game Settings window.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent config diff / “List changes” function from actually listing all the changes.
  • Game settings window also have a button to open the folder the game is in




    • Yeah, I know. Problem is, when I added the Save/Load part I did a new system, instead of using the existing SweetFX preset system. The reason for that was partly because the sweetfx settings file doesn’t have an easy way to store metadata (like preset title, for example) and partly because I just hadn’t taken a look at how SweetFX’s built in preset system worked.

      Right now I’m a bit torn between using the internal system I made, or SweetFX’s system. My system is easier to work with, and already is there, working :) SweetFX preset system is more complicated to work with, more prone to breakage, but also exist outside of the configurator, just being a file ready to share with the world. And if Ceejay add preset switching shortcuts for next release, then using the SweetFX system will be even more important..

      That, combined with a lot to do at work, have effectively stopped me from getting that fixed. I’ll see if I can get a simple import / export going with the existing system. That should be pretty easy to do, as most of the code is already there. More or less just connect-the-dots, so to speak.

  1. I actually tend to go along with almost everything that ended up being put into writing inside “SweetFX Configurator 1.
    3.2 released | SweetFX Configurator”. Many thanks for all the actual facts.
    Thank you,Sylvia

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