Guild Wars 2 settings

Note: To get SweetFX to work on Guild Wars 2 you need to disable the in-game Anti-Aliasing settings

These settings slightly darkens the overall picture, sharpens the textures quite a bit, and adds vibrance to the picture. It also removes some blue and green from the image.



Summary of changes from default settings:

sharp_strength = 1.60 // USE_LUMASHARPEN
sharp_clamp = 0.048 // USE_LUMASHARPEN
HDRPower = 1.10 // USE_HDR
radius2 = 0.825 // USE_HDR
Defog = 0.008 // USE_TONEMAP
FogColor = float3(0.00, 2.55, 2.30)// USE_TONEMAP
Vibrance = 0.40 // USE_VIBRANCE


Left side is SweetFX turned off, right side is SweetFX turned on.




  1. When trying to use SweetFX with Guild Wars 2, I get an error and black screen. The only time I’ve been successful in running GW2 while SweetFX is applied is when the game is on absolute lowest settings. Otherwise it converts to the black screen and I have to force it closed.
    Any chance you could help?

    • That’s an interesting question.. I haven’t had any problems with it, not even on max gfx settings. I assumed you tried to turn off Anti Aliasing? On the other hand, even with that on it should not cause a crash, should just make sweetfx not work.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help here, maybe you could try and ask in the SweetFX forum thread.. Also, see if there is a “log.log” file in the GW2 folder, and if there is, if it’s saying anything. That might contain a clue to what’s going wrong.

      • Yes, AA is off completely, and as I said, the only way it works (with no improvement, it seems) is on lowest settings, including subsample render sampling; applying Native reverts it back to the black screen.
        Another interesting issue is that the character selection screen works perfectly, as does the initial load screen after selecting a character. It’s only after the load screen is finished that the game black screens. Also, I’m pretty sure this is due to the issue with the game crash, but the only sound to come from those black screens is faint music. Running and skills have no effect.

        . No “log.log” file anywhere, but there is a “crash.dmp” file, which, when opened in notepad has a jumble of seemingly random symbols (I assume which pertain to the crash), then bits of information about the computer, user, and things of that nature.

        • Sorry for the (very) late reply, but someone with the same problem (crash, no log.log) found out it was file access problems, and running the game as administrator solved it for him. Might be worth a shot.

        • I found the a similar problem as you when trying to get SweetFX and GW2 to run properly. To solve it I had to run GW2.exe as administrator AND Run in compatibility mode (I think XP SP3 is the default). After I enabled those two, it worked great with the settings provided above!

  2. been trying to make this work .. been 2 days i got nothing ..

    i put all the sweetfx files in GW folder run the game with administrator turn of FXAA but i doesnt work … can you help me ?? im kinda frustrated now

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