1. I tried to extract the files after download, but it says some parts are missing and won’t let me extract anything.

  2. I used this on a game called Gunz 2 on Steam and now when I go on the game theres no graphics, characters are missing, everything just fucked up. How do I reverse the Sweet FX and go back to how it was before I messed with it? I deleted the entire game and uninstalled and tried to reinstall and its still all broken =/

    • That wouldn’t be SweetFX

      SweetFX is only some files that are put in the folder where your game is installed

      you can remove those files manually or all at once with the configurator

      Go to where the game is installed
      Delete every file in the game folder, Download & verify the game with steam

      If it still doesn’t work its the game itself or something else causing the issue
      Like your PC or other incompatible software

  3. Ok so when I download and try to use it with winrar it says it is in an damaged or unknown format what should I do?

  4. i have a strange problem.
    After using Sweetfx some days it stop working so i uninstalled it.
    Now it will not install and the error is: You cant install from this place when its installed from another place.
    Its not even installed. So it must be a file somewhere with some info.
    I have cleaned registry and drive for any sweetfx file, but its the same message when i try to run config.

  5. hello,

    I get SweetFX DCS-World to run NICT. I play in DCS – Black Shark 2 substance to the SweetFX Configurator everything in the “bin” folder copied. The game runs only when I press the “scroll” button to activate SweetFX not happened. Does anyone have a tip for me?

    Thank you!

  6. I discovered that if you uninstall a game without first removing it from SweetFX Configurator, it will cause SweetFX Configurator to crash when you try to execute it.

      • go into the Configurator files and open the configurator configuration setting file and locat the uninstalled game and delete that secetion then save and close and that should work

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