Configurator source code

Someone asked if I could release the source code for the configurator.

Well, the code have more or less no comments, is badly structured, is not exactly following normal C# code, have ugly GUI hacks, and in general is not something I’d recommend people learning from.

When all that is said, I did add a GitHub repository for it. You can find that at – for those of you that for some reason still want to have a look.

The license is GPLv3



  1. I just found out about sweetfx today and thanks to your gui I was able to use sweetfx (I don’t know why but when launching the game with it, sweetfx works and doesn’t with direct game launch)
    I’ve seen that you have recommended config for several games are you planing on adding them to your gui ? Like “Use recommended settings” you could just check the game exe name and match it.

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