Configurator source code

Someone asked if I could release the source code for the configurator.

Well, the code have more or less no comments, is badly structured, is not exactly following normal C# code, have ugly GUI hacks, and in general is not something I’d recommend people learning from.

When all that is said, I did add a GitHub repository for it. You can find that at – for those of you that for some reason still want to have a look.

The license is GPLv3

SweetFX Configurator v1.3.3 released


  • More flexible SweetFX install / game launch settings
  • Option to import or export presets under “Save / Load configuration” – You can also just drag’n’drop preset text files to the list to import them.
  • Now has an icon!


This release is just a small update to hopefully make the configurator handle games needing split install a bit better, and also add support for SweetFX presets..

Right now the configurator use an internal format to save different configurations for a game. I’m not sure if I should continue with that, or convert completely over to SweetFX’s own preset system. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For now I just added some simple import / export logic to it, so they at least can talk together :)