SweetFX 2.0 Alpha

Some time ago CeeJay dropped out an alpha version of SweetFX 2.0

I haven’t bothered much with it, seeing that it is an alpha version. And as coder I know that alpha means “Shit ain’t working properly yet” – and couldn’t really be used for anything other than a sneak preview at what might come in the future. It could also crash the computer. Or turn your shirt into cheese. Or just plain not work. And the final version could be nothing like what is shown as the alpha.

When that’s said, I dug it up to get a small peek at it, and I do mean dug. It’s a single post in a 100+ pages thread. So, I post it here more as a reference to myself :)

Anyway, the forum post can be found here, and DO remember, alpha means “not complete, work in progress” – and when it’s poking some of the inner parts of your system, you’re allowed to be a bit wary.

And no, the configurator have no idea about the 2.0 version – but the config parser should do a decent job at the new options, too. I haven’t actually tried it yet.