SweetFX 2.0 Alpha

Some time ago CeeJay dropped out an alpha version of SweetFX 2.0

I haven’t bothered much with it, seeing that it is an alpha version. And as coder I know that alpha means “Shit ain’t working properly yet” – and couldn’t really be used for anything other than a sneak preview at what might come in the future. It could also crash the computer. Or turn your shirt into cheese. Or just plain not work. And the final version could be nothing like what is shown as the alpha.

When that’s said, I dug it up to get a small peek at it, and I do mean dug. It’s a single post in a 100+ pages thread. So, I post it here more as a reference to myself :)

Anyway, the forum post can be found here, and DO remember, alpha means “not complete, work in progress” – and when it’s poking some of the inner parts of your system, you’re allowed to be a bit wary.

And no, the configurator have no idea about the 2.0 version – but the config parser should do a decent job at the new options, too. I haven’t actually tried it yet.

Configurator source code

Someone asked if I could release the source code for the configurator.

Well, the code have more or less no comments, is badly structured, is not exactly following normal C# code, have ugly GUI hacks, and in general is not something I’d recommend people learning from.

When all that is said, I did add a GitHub repository for it. You can find that at https://github.com/terrasque/sweetfxui – for those of you that for some reason still want to have a look.

The license is GPLv3

SweetFX Configurator v1.3.3 released


  • More flexible SweetFX install / game launch settings
  • Option to import or export presets under “Save / Load configuration” – You can also just drag’n’drop preset text files to the list to import them.
  • Now has an icon!


This release is just a small update to hopefully make the configurator handle games needing split install a bit better, and also add support for SweetFX presets..

Right now the configurator use an internal format to save different configurations for a game. I’m not sure if I should continue with that, or convert completely over to SweetFX’s own preset system. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For now I just added some simple import / export logic to it, so they at least can talk together :)

SweetFX Preset website

While still working on an update to the configurator (mostly internal changes to make it easier to install for non-standard games, and to make it easier to use external presets), I’d like to tell you about another sweetfx project I’ve started, the SweetFX Settings Database. The goal of that site is mainly to collect SweetFX presets (and screenshots) for games, and list various special considerations for getting SweetFX to work on those games.

It is still under development, especially the layout needs some work, but the main parts are fully functional :)

SweetFX Configurator 1.3.2 released


  • New “Game Settings” window
  • Launcher function now support:
    • Command line args
    • Different working directory
  • Experimental support for Split SweetFX installation, where the injector files are put in a subdirectory. Can be enabled via Game Settings window. Note : Will only work if enabled before adding SweetFX to the game
  • Program now use a new way to save settings and game entries. Old entries should be automatically converted on first startup.
  • Rename game entry function moved to the Game Settings window.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent config diff / “List changes” function from actually listing all the changes.
  • Game settings window also have a button to open the folder the game is in


SweetFX Configurator v1.3.1 released

This is mostly a cleanup / bugfix release


  • Support for rename / update of presets
  • Presets can be activated by double clicking entry in list
  • Better display of games in game list
  • General UI tweaks
  • Now have version number
  • About / Help dialog
  • Written config file has easier to read formatting
  • Separate edit fields for float3() values


6. nov update  Note: The diff logic have a bug in this version, as a result it might not list all changes